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By Jacques Derrida

In Archive Fever, Jacques Derrida deftly publications us via a longer meditation on remembrance, faith, time, and technology—fruitfully occasioned through a deconstructive research of the thought of archiving. Intrigued via the evocative dating among applied sciences of inscription and psychic techniques, Derrida bargains for the 1st time a huge assertion at the pervasive impression of digital media, rather email, which threaten to remodel the full private and non-private area of humanity. Plying this wealthy fabric with attribute virtuosity, Derrida constructs a synergistic analyzing of information and archiving, either provocative and compelling.

"Judaic mythos, Freudian psychoanalysis, and e mail all get fused into one other staggeringly dense, really good slab of scholarship and suggestion."—The Guardian

"[Derrida] convincingly argues that, even if the archive is a public entity, it however is the repository of the personal and private, together with even intimate details."—Choice

"Beautifully written and clear."—Jeremy Barris, Philosophy in Review

"Translator Prenowitz has controlled valiantly to convey into English a tough yet inspiring textual content that is determined by Greek, German, and their translations into French."—Library Journal

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