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By Richard A. Billows

Known as via Plutarch ''the oldest and maximum of Alexander's successors,'' Antigonos the One-Eyed (382-301 BC) was once the dominant determine in the course of the 1st half the Diadoch interval, ruling lots of the Asian territory conquered by way of the Macedonians in the course of his ultimate two decades. Billows offers the first designated research of this nice normal and administrator, developing him as a key contributor to the Hellenistic monarchy and country. After a winning occupation less than Philip and Alexander, Antigonos rose to strength over the Asian component of Alexander's conquests. Embittered by way of the chronic hostility of those that managed the ecu and Egyptian elements of the empire, he attempted to dispose of those rivals, an ambition which resulted in his ultimate defeat in 301. In a corrective to the normal causes of his goals, Billows exhibits that Antigonos was once scarcely stimulated through Alexander, trying to rule West Asia and the Aegean, instead of the total of Alexander's Empire.

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