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By John Boyd

"A vintage '60s Western with well-handled SF underpinnings. An outlaw's mind is hijacked through a roaming alien missionary who acts as a neurologically supercharged "good angel". Cupidity is diverted into civic accountability, lust is reworked into familial urges, and so forth. For a few cause, fried chook appeared an important authorial preoccupation. worthy examining, in particular in case you have a tender spot for real pulp motion leavened with SF weirdness."

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Midnight had tested the rider with a few opening sashays. Now the stallion began to buck. It leaped and arched its back with the snap of a whip crack. Since this was a no-holds-barred contest and not a rodeo demonstration, Ian grabbed the saddle horn and hung on, praying the belly cinch would hold. The cinch held, but the arch pricked the horse's back against the nail point, and Midnight got angry. When Ian, his eyes focused dead ahead, felt the muscles of the horse bunching beneath him for a supreme effort, he sensed what was coming and tensed his own leg muscles.

No use wasting Abe's time, and the clothes you got on are good enough to get buried in. " Faust was sidling toward the door as he bade Ian farewell. Outside, he made a casual beeline toward Bain's saloon. Ignoring the high sheriff's advice, Ian closed the jailhouse and walked five buildings down the boardwalk to Abe Bernbaum's tailor shop. He almost felt compassion when he entered to find the little man with the big head sitting on his heels atop a high stool, bent under his load of care, sewing a seam in a cloth he had stretched over his widespread knees.

And Winchester's human audience was straining to catch every dip and quaver of his voice when the preacher made a political error. "I tell you, brothers and sisters, I half-envy the soul of our late Brother Trotter, which, at this very minute, is walking up to that throne of radiance and all enveloping peace. Brother Trotter is done forever with life's toil. " "And no more Dead Man's Curve," Betsy Troop shrilled from the rear. " "No more the taunts of men, the bile of females, nor the scorn that civic merit from the nonvoter takes," Winchester continued.

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