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This quantity demanding situations the orthodox view that fishing and fish performed just a marginal function within the financial system of the traditional global. actually, there's archaeological facts for historic fish processing on a advertisement scale not just within the Mediterranean itself, but in addition at the Atlantic coast and within the Black Sea zone, in particular the Crimea. Our literary assets testify to the common culinary and medicinal use of salted fish and fermented fish sauces in antiquity, and particularly within the first centuries advert. during this publication, the authors determine the current nation of study on historic fishing and talk about its implications for the heritage of the Black Sea zone, particularly the interval of Greek colonization alongside its shorelines. whereas grain has characteristically been considered because the major export commodity of the Pontic colonies, the life of salting-vats at the coast of the Crimea point out creation of salt-fish or fish sauce on a wide scale, most likely for export. besides the fact that, many questions stay unanswered: for example pertaining to possession and association of the processing amenities, or how the completed product used to be transported to far-off markets.

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See also Remarck 1912. Blümner’s updated volume on Roman private life, like Marquardt’s before him, devotes little space to processed fish, and likewise adds little to Köhler’s work. See Blümner 1911, 184-188. 10 Grimal and Monod 1952, 27-38; Jardin 1961, 70-96. 11 Ponsich and Tarradell 1965. 12 The Russian archaeologist, Viktor Gajdukevič, had conducted extensive excavations in the Crimea since the 1930s, but his work was largely unknown in the West until publication of Christo Danov’s excellent 1962 Pauly-Wissowa article, in German, on the “Pontos Euxeinos”, followed in 1971 by Gajdukevič’s own Das Bosporanische Reich, a revised German translation of his earlier Russian work, in which he summarized the results of his excavations.

Gastronomic writers, in discussing particular foods, highlight delicacies from around the Mediterranean, while satirists and other critics focus on famous and expensive fish products. Archestratos (frg. 102) is one of many who praise garum sociorum from New Carthage in Spain. Geographers in describing different geographical locations often speak of the food resources of a particular region or city. 1, 19). These differentiations are not casual. 27 Sources for Production and Trade of Greek and Roman Processed Fish 37 The second category of sources for production of fish by-products are the numerous remains of salting installations discovered by archaeological excavations conducted in the Western Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

42 Literary sources can tell us how the ancients prepared fish by-products and can often indicate where they were produced, while archaeology, by revealing the physical remains of the installations themselves, can confirm these locations and disclose others. They cannot, by themselves, however, provide an understanding either of the physical and chemical processes the fish underwent to become the desired product, or of the nutritional and medicinal value that the ancients attributed to fish by-products.

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