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Accompanying the booklet, as with every TELOS subsidized courses, is an digital part. to that end it's a DOS-Diskette produced by way of one of many coauthors, Paul Wellin. This diskette includes Mathematica notebooks and programs which comprise the codes for all examples and routines within the e-book, in addition to extra fabrics meant to increase many principles lined within the textual content. it truly is of serious worth to academics, scholars, and others utilizing this ebook to benefit the right way to successfully software with Mathematica.

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You can do this by using DeclarePackage which will automatically evaluate the underlying package when any of the functions defined in this package are used. m package in a new session of Mathematica, you would evaluate: In[Bj:= DeclarePackage["Miscellaneous'ChemicalElements''', {"AtomicWeight", "ElectronConfiguration"}] Out[8]= Miscellaneous , ChemicalElements , Now, whenever one of the two functions AtomicWeight and ElectronConf iguration are first called, the package Miscellaneous' ChemicalElements' will 44 I A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF MATHEMATICA be evaluated and all of its function will be available for use.

2 I Parametric Plots When both the x and y coordinates of a function depend upon another parameter t, we say that the function is represented parametrically. 5 Out[4]= -Graphics- Notice that the ratio of height to width looks unnatural. Mathematica tries to fit the plot into a region that is similar to your computer screen and uses a ratio of height to width that is known to be pleasing to the eye. This height to width ratio is known as the AspectRatio and has a default value ofl/GoldenRatio. 618034 You can get the "true" shape by resetting the AspectRatio option.

Some of the techniques are symbolic and others are purely numerical. We will look at some of the algorithms and numerical issues in linear algebra in detail in Chapters 7-9. In this section, we will give a briefintroduction to the built-in capability that Mathematica provides in this area. A vector is represented as a list of elements. In[l]:= vee = to, Outll1= {O, 1, 3, 1} 1, 3, 1} You can multiply a vector by a scalar, In [2] := 5 vee Out[21= {O, 5, 15, 5} and add two vectors. In[3]:= vee + Outl3]= {l, {1, 2, 3, 4} 3, 6, 5} Matrices are represented as lists of lists (nested lists).

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