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The published examples are another matter entirely. As a result of investigative research, it would appear that halfway through the assembly of what was to be their first major commercially-available recording, a piece of equipment known as a harmoniser was discovered. It is used for specific purposes in a large variety of situations, for instance in news broadcasts where the voice of an interviewee was considered to be, for the benefit of security, better disguised. The harmoniser took the sound to be processed, and presented it back to the operator of the equipment in a state where the various harmonic structures in the sound were easier to manipulate.

My region still employed primitive methods of internment then, and RH was not granted any immediate opportunity to justify his dislocation before walled by the authorities. After 20:4&5 years, no concession was made towards appraisal of RH motive. " If RH's ManLeader was able to bring death to life, let the films that the regions are preparing without the group's involvement not bring life to death - it seems the burden might burst. For the great paradox that has survived the years of Broken Icon is that to guarantee FUTURE, ManLeader must struggle as We.

These arrangements were based on the old magician's trick of making the audience look one way, whilst the magic is effected with the other hand. Mis-direction of attention is familiar in early hypnotic experiments, where the subject concentrated on a moving object - usually a pendulum of some sort - while receiving commands directly in the subconscious mind. The important thing, of course, was not to draw attention to the process - thus, the other information, the 'hidden' sounds or words, only appear 'behind' another sound or word.

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