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By Byron Rogers

An viewers with an Elephant is a compendium of the oddest and so much eccentric travels - a go back and forth publication to set along Norman Lewis and Eric Newby for the sheer unpredictability of its encounters and its surreal comedy. yet Bryon Rogers did not enterprise to the ends of the earth to discover singular customized and heroic idiosyncrasy: he had little need to. those are trips to the center of the unusual and far away land of england. On his travels he meets the Turkish POW in British arms - an old tortoise captured at Gallipoli and now resident in nice Yarmouth - and the teenaged elephant who has opened extra fetes and supermarkets than any television megastar. right here, too, are such weird and wonderful figures because the octogenerian triathlete, the guy who (before such issues have been banned) held each international consuming list, and the final hangman in his untroubled retirement. even if exploring the center of britain within the forgotten county of Northamptonshire or accompanying the final tramp in the course of the wilder...

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In the Chronicle of the Princes, a medieval Welsh history, this entry occurs, and it is one of the most wonderful sentences ever written. ’ Never such confidence again, this was probably the last time anyone had the nerve to admit there had been no news. For what is news? It is a product like any other that now must be gathered daily, for the cameras and the papers are waiting and the ploughman with his Sony Walkman needs briefing every hour on the world’s woes. Yes, but what is it? Ah, answering that question, to quote Larkin out of context, brings the priest and the doctor running over the fields in their long coats.

He caught a fish so big it would have needed two large men, their arms fully outstretched, to give cynics in saloon bars even a hint of its dimensions. But he did more than that. He went fishing for salmon one day and caught something so peculiar, so far removed from even the footnotes of angling in Britain, that a grown man who was present ran off across the fields. Nobody would have thought it at all odd that day if the fisherman had been found trying to look up his catch in the Book of Revelations.

At Sempringham I had found another small thing lost in a huge world. The Last Tramp Y THE TIME YOU read this the subject of the article will have disappeared into Wales as effectively as any goblin or guerilla of the Middle Ages, as completely, in fact, as David Livingstone disappeared into Africa. George Gibbs is one of that shrinking body of men steadily eroded by the processes of government who can still do this, as for nine months of every year, in 20th-century Britain, he is beyond the reach of postmen and phone calls.

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