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Presents the result of an research into the problems raised by way of the advance of a compiler for APL, a really excessive point desktop programming language. APL provides a few novel difficulties for a compiler author: vulnerable variable typing, run time adjustments in variable form, and a bunch of primitive operations. throughout the integration of numerous lately constructed compiler building options, akin to facts move research, and a unique and house effective call for pushed or lazy evaluate method of code new release, the writer has been in a position to produce a real compiler for the language whereas nonetheless retaining the felxibility and simplicity which are the hallmarks of APL.

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That box may in turn have a hole in it that requires a third box, and so on until all the holes have been filled. 4. The term and analogy are due to Richard Lipton. 40 An APL Compiler shape hole value hole Each function has a box corresponding to the shape request (the code it will generate in response to the shape message) and a box corresponding to the value request (the code it will generate in response to values). By nesting the boxes one within each other, code can be generated for any APL expression.

Using this scheme, quantities are computed only as they are needed, not before. Consider, for example, a simple expression such as A~B+CXD where B, C, and D are large multidimensional arrays. The conventional execution technique for this expression would first place the value C X D into a temporary location, call it T, and then compute the value of B + T, storing the result into A. Clearly, the overhead associated with this is as large as the maximum size of the arrays. The demand driven approach, on the other hand, will compute each element of the result one by one; that is, one element from B will be added to the product of one element from C and one element from D, and stored in one location in A.

11. 3. Interprocedural Analysis With the knowledge that both the arguments A and B in the function copies are integer vectors, we can determine that the result is integer and vector as well. Armed with this fact, plus the knowledge that the argument L to the function spiral is an integer array of rank 2, we can determine that E in line 7 is also an integer array of rank 2. We knew from intraprocedural analysis that the rank of the argument to the function linear was rank 2. Although information about the variable E now permits us to expand this from simply an array into an integer array, this is still not sufficient to determine anything about the result of this function.

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