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Julius Caesar's lifestyles and instance have involved and stimulated generations of individuals for almost 2,000 years. This publication explores the folk, areas, occasions, and associations that helped outline arguably the main recognized person within the historical past of Rome.

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Pompey marries Julia, Caesar’s daughter by his first wife, Cornelia. 59 BCE Caesar holds the elected magistracy of consul with Bibulus as his colleague. Caesar employs violent tactics against his colleague and other opponents in order to force certain measures through the Popular Assemblies. This leaves him open to future prosecution and colors the remainder of his political career. 58–50 BCE Caesar governs the provinces of Cisalpine Gaul, Illyricum, and Transalpine Gaul. From the latter, he wages wars of conquest and pacification throughout Gallia Comata.

His real-life adventures, like the conquest of Gaul, the invasions of Britain and Germany, crossing over “impossible” barriers like the “Outer Ocean,” all contributed to his reputation as a second Alexander. ” Truthful or not, these tales suggested a dream to outdo Alexander, to conquer and unite even more of the world than he had. 21 Alexander the Great (356–323 BCE) Not surprisingly, modern authors have made much of the similarities between the career achievements and the world power of Julius Caesar and Alexander.

1992. Ancient Shipwrecks of the Mediterranean and the Roman Provinces. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports. Aedui Of all the peoples in Gallia Comata (“Long-Haired Gaul,” roughly France north of modern Provence), those who provided Julius Caesar with the most loyalty were the Aedui. Even they, however, eventually turned against Roman expansionism in the region, caught up in a wave of what we might call today Celtic nationalism. The Aedui had the oldest relationship with Rome among the tribes of Gaul, going back about sixty years before the time that Caesar’s governorship of Provence (Gallia Transalpina) began in 58 BCE.

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