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By Manuel Clavel, Francisco Durán, Steven Eker, Patrick Lincoln, Narciso Martí-Oliet, José Meseguer, Carolyn Talcott

This ebook supplies a complete account of Maude, a language and method in line with rewriting good judgment. Many examples are used through the ebook to demonstrate the most rules and lines of Maude, and its many attainable makes use of. Maude modules are rewrite theories. Computation with such modules is - cient deduction through rewriting. due to its logical foundation and its preliminary version semantics,aMaudemodulede?nesaprecisemathematicalmodel.Thismeans that Maude and its formal instrument setting can be utilized in 3, at the same time reinforcing methods: • as a declarative programming language; • as an executable formal speci?cation language; and • as a proper veri?cation method. Maude’s rewriting good judgment is easy, but very expressive. this provides Maude stable representational features as a semantic framework to officially signify quite a lot of structures, together with types of concurrency, allotted al- rithms, community protocols, semantics of programming languages, and types of cellphone biology. Rewriting common sense can also be an expressive common logic,making Maude a ?exible logical framework within which many di?erent logics and - ference structures will be represented and mechanized. This makes Maude an invaluable metatool to construct many different instruments, together with these in its personal formal device setting. because of the logic’s simplicity and using complicated semi-compilation innovations, Maude has a high-performance implementation, making it aggressive with different declarative programming languages.

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However, not all computational logics are equally expressive. For example, equational logics (in either first-order or higher-order versions) are very well suited to specify deterministic systems under the Church-Rosser assumption, but poorly equipped to specify concurrent and highly nondeterministic systems. The whole point of extending membership equational logic to rewriting logic is to seamlessly integrate the specification of deterministic systems, through equational specifications in functional modules, and of concurrent and nondeterministic systems, through rewriting logic specifications in system modules, within the same language.

We use E, E , etc. to denote sets of equations and memberships, and R, R , etc. to denote sets of rules. From a programming point of view, a functional module is an equationalstyle functional program with user-definable syntax in which a number of sorts, their elements, and functions on those sorts are defined. From a specification viewpoint, a functional module is an equational theory (Σ, E) with initial algebra semantics. Functional modules are described in detail in Chapter 4, here we just discuss some of their top-level syntax.

Maude can also be told using the MAUDE_LIB environment variable about other directories to use to search for files. Thus to find a file specified in the in command, Maude searches, in order: 1. the current directory, 2. the directories in the MAUDE_LIB environment variable, and 3. the directory containing the executable. If the desired file is in none of these places you must type its full path name. As for user-defined modules, user requests such as the above can either be typed at the Maude prompt or simply in-troduced with a text file containing them.

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