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By S. Tucker Taft, Robert A. Duff, Randall L. Brukardt, Erhard Ploedereder, Pascal Leroy, Edmond Schonberg

The Ada 2012 Reference guide is an superior model of the textual content of overseas regular ISO/IEC 8652/2012(E) for the programming language Ada. The Ada 2012 Reference guide combines the entire past corrections of Technical Corrigendum 1 and modification 1 with alterations and additions that enhance the features of the language and the reliability of courses written within the language. The Ada 2012 Reference guide will change the previous models as an imperative operating better half for anyone utilizing Ada professionally or studying and learning the language systematically.

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Syntax 2 type_declaration ::= full_type_declaration | incomplete_type_declaration | private_type_declaration | private_extension_declaration 3/3 full_type_declaration ::= type defining_identifier [known_discriminant_part] is type_definition [aspect_specification]; | task_type_declaration | protected_type_declaration 4/2 type_definition ::= enumeration_type_definition | real_type_definition | record_type_definition | derived_type_definition | integer_type_definition | array_type_definition | access_type_definition | interface_type_definition Legality Rules 5 A given type shall not have a subcomponent whose type is the given type itself.

The remainder of the type_declaration defines the remaining characteristics of (the view of) the type. 7/2 A type defined by a type_declaration is a named type; such a type has one or more nameable subtypes. Certain other forms of declaration also include type definitions as part of the declaration for an object. The type defined by such a declaration is anonymous — it has no nameable subtypes. For explanatory purposes, this International Standard sometimes refers to an anonymous type by a pseudo-name, written in italics, and uses such pseudo-names at places where the syntax normally requires an identifier.

1 Character Set name quotation mark number sign ampersand apostrophe, tick left parenthesis right parenthesis asterisk, multiply plus sign comma hyphen-minus, minus full stop, dot, point graphic symbol : ; < = > _ | / ! 11), where every character is represented by its code point. 2); every other occurrence of a format_effector other than the character whose code point position is 16#09# (CHARACTER TABULATION) also signifies a single end of line. 16/3 Implementation Permissions The categories defined above, as well as case mapping and folding, may be based on an implementationdefined version of ISO/IEC 10646 (2003 edition or later).

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