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By Katharine Kerr

Ebook seven of the distinguished Deverry sequence, an epic delusion rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven background over a number of hundred years.

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Meer bared his fangs but said nothing. ’ Jorn stepped forward. ’ His voice turned contemptuous. ’ Rhodry was grinning. ’ Collecting the horses, including Baki and Gidro, the squad moved off, leading the stock up the steep hill. As he watched, Jahdo realized that he was sorry to see them go. Even though he hated each one for helping capture him, they were at least familiar, men he’d grown used to in the horror of the past few days. ’ Otho gestured at a twisting lane that led behind the guardhouse.

Humph. I can see that I’d best attend to your education. ’ Jahdo went cold again, a bone-touching chill worse than any god-induced awe. ‘I smell fear,’ Meer said. ’ ‘Of course not. Lead me over to our gear, lad, and open the big grey saddlebags. ’ They met on horseback and alone at the boundary of their two domains, which lay far beyond the physical world in the peculiar reaches of the ctheric plane. In this empire of images, a dead-brown moor stretched all round them to a horizon where a perennially setting sun fought through smoke, or so it seemed, to flood them with copper-coloured light.

Meer felt his damp tunic, then laid the back of one furry palm against the boy’s cheek. ‘We’d best keep walking. ’ ‘Well and good, then. ’ ‘I do. ’ Meer’s fear turned out to be more than justified. As they travelled on, heading more south than east, the distant bird cries resolved themselves into the harsh cawing of ravens, wheeling and dipping over some unknown thing. ‘It might just be a dead deer,’ Jahdo said. Meer only grunted for an answer and strode onward, swinging his stick back and forth before him like an angry scythe.

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