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By Sandy Blair

Scoundrel, seducer, Sir Ian MacKay merits to be known as the Thief of Hearts. but, he's a guy with a undertaking: to come back Scotland's rightful king to his ancestral throne. yet first he needs to discover the real identification of the mysterious lady whose attractiveness and wit have dazzled the court...and why she is fending off him. Can or not it's attainable that Kate Templeton is an English secret agent? although Ian insists that no girl has ever refused him, Kate vows to withstand his scandalous attraction. prime him on a merry chase in every single place Scotland is tips on how to guard her middle. but a passionate disagreement brings them jointly at last...and the one notice on her lips is certain.

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He'd likely run her and the bird through and ask questions later. Kate pressed her face to the bars. The bird trilled and bopped in response. Very good. He's paying attention. Mayhap if she changed her tone? " "Awk. " Augh! She wrung her hands and knelt before the cage. Mayhap if she could distract him ... " The bird could repeat that. The bird ruffled its feathers and stretched its neck. " Mouth agape, Kate stared at the parrot. Having spent a goodly number of nights in a crowded Salisbury great hall she recognized only too well what the bird mimicked.

Hmmm. There was that. And you're falling under his spell, the voice mocked. Nay, she was ... Well, she didn't have a word for the feeling. One moment she simply felt wonderful, full of anticipation. The next she was terrified and the next her heart simply ached ... painfully. " Kate jumped. Feeling an errant tear slip from the corner of her eye, she hastily brushed a hand across her cheek. " The lady of Blackstone, her straight brown hair loose about her shoulders, her white night rail billowing about her long legs, drew closer.

Merciful mother of God. The only man who had ever kissed her, the only one she had ever felt a liking for—in truth, felt lust for— loathed what she was. And what of the inquisition they planned for her? How could she possibly answer questions about a man she knows naught of? From a brother, no less! Should she find her way clear, should she ever again find herself in the bosom of her home, she would find Sir Gregory Campbell forthwith, and not only clout and stomp on him, but drive a stake through his miserable, conniving heart.

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