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By Albert Cossery

Summoned domestic to Egypt after a protracted eu debauch (disguised as “study”), our hero Teymour—in the hole line of A well suited Conspiracy—is feeling “as unfortunate as a flea on a bald man’s head.” bad Teymour sits forlorn in a provincial café, a miles cry from his cherished Paris. previous buddies, even though, rescue him. They applaud his phony degree as excellent in “a global the place every little thing is false” and so they draw him into their hedonistic rounds as gents of relaxation. lifestyles, they clarify, “while basically unnecessary is very interesting.”  The small urban could seem tedious, yet there are ladies to seduce, robust males to tease, and in addition unusual occasions: wealthy notables are disappearing.

Eyeing the machinations of our 3 excitement seekers and fearful in regards to the lacking wealthy males, the gurus quickly see—in advanced schemes to mattress younger girls—signs of political conspiracies. the 3 younger males, even if incorrect for terrorists, get pleasure from freedom, wit, and romance. in the end, although “not each guy is able to appreciating what's round him,” the conspirators in excitement definitely do.

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