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Latin Lith. = Lithuanian Myc. = Mycenaean OCS = Old Church Slavic OE = Old English OHG = Old High German OIc.

By K. Jones-Bley and M. E. Huld, Institute for the Study of Man, Washington: 228-246. Disterheft, D. „Irish Evidence for Indo-European Royal Consecration“, in: Studies in Honor of Jaan Puhvel, II: Mythology and Relition, ed. by J. Greppin and E. C. Polomé, Institute for the Study of Man, Washington, DC 1997: 103-118. Dumézil, La réligion romaine archaique, Payot, Paris 1974. Dunkel, G. „Vater Himmel's Gattin“, Die Sprache 34/1990: 1-27. Estell, M. „Orpheus and Rbhu revisited“, JIES 27/1999: 327-333.

6. GERMANIC Principal theonyms (in the ON form): Óđinn (from *Wōdanaz, which is derived from PIE *weh2tu- „insight, inspiration“, cf. Lat. vātes „sooth-sayer“, OIr. fáith „prophet“, Thórr (from the word for „thunder“, PIE *torh2n-, Fjörgynn (often compared to Slav. , but more likely derived from *pork'o- „furrow“, Lat. porca), Njörđ < *nertu-, most probably from *ner-to- „under, deep“, Gr. nérteros, OIc. norđr „north“, Loki (of unknown etymology, sometimes derived from PIE *lewg'- „break, crush“, cf.

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