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By Caryl Churchill, David Lan

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Perhaps a fair, virginal maiden catches the dragon’s eye and he claims her as a “sacrifice” by bringing her back to his Arcadian lair. Or maybe a courageous warrior impresses the ancient creature with her resolute nature and unyielding strength, and he opts to “reward” her bravery with a chance to test her mettle against real enemies. Whatever the case, Dzarûmazh can easily fill the role of Keeper for one or more of the changelings in your motley — perhaps even all of them. Those who have suffered the dragon’s attentions are in a unique position when it comes to divining his secrets and weaknesses.

I’ve got contacts in the magical circles up there and one of them told me that a newly Awakened mage disappeared after the gig. She’d gone along to have a good time — against the will of her mentor — and she hasn’t been seen since. ” The people Piper’s former Keeper requests aren’t always mortal. She occasionally asks for something more, including vampires, werewolves and mages. Supernatural creatures are harder for Piper to capture, although he’s had more luck with vampires, as they’re more inclined to come to his gigs to prey on the audience.

I vow to bring pain and misery, fear and terror, hatred and betrayal to those who dare claim the title of king in a time that is not theirs. I will do all in my power to punish the usurper, the tyrant and the dictator, no matter their Season. In return the Wyrd shall guide my Sight, revealing how best to injure my foes. If I fail in my oath, if I allow the unjust to rule unopposed, if I become what I hate, let the Wyrd curse me and bring ruin to all my works. Type: The Name of the Keeper Task: Endeavor, Greater (–3, the changeling swears to constantly oppose, by word and deed, the reign of rulers out of season) Boon: Blessing, Greater (+3, the changeling gains a boost to his kith blessing) Sanction: Curse, Greater (–3) Duration: Lifelong (+3) Invocation: 1 Willpower dot The Oath of Retribution is an example of one of the few types of pledges that don’t require a second party to swear.

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