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By Patricia Wrede

Whilst a stranger bargains her a small fortune to wreck right into a touring magician's wagon, Kim does not hesitate. Having grown up a waif within the soiled streets of London, Kim isn't really above somewhat breaking-and-entering. a troublesome existence and lean occasions have schooled her in a single lesson: thieve from them sooner than they thieve from you. but if the magician catches her within the act, Kim thinks she's performed for. till he indicates she develop into his apprentice; then the true difficulty begins.Kim quickly reveals herself entangled with murderers, thieves, and cloak-and-dagger politics, all whereas attempting to the right way to develop into either a formal woman and a magician in her personal correct. Magic and intrigue pass hand in hand in Mairelon the Magician and The Magician's Ward, fast paced novels choked with secret and romance, set opposed to the difficult backdrop of Regency England.

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He was no ordinary street magician, either, not with the inside of his wagon done up like a gentry ken. Not to mention that thing in the chest that had blown Kim halfway across the room. The memory slowed her fingers. True, she’d actually been poking around in the chest when the spell or whatever it was had gone off, but Mairelon could easily have changed it while she was unconscious. She had no desire to repeat the performance. Hunch shifted impatiently. ” “Give over,” Kim snarled, and twisted her wrist.

She was fairly sure by this time that the magician would not turn her over to the constables, but instead of reassuring her, the knowledge made her even more uneasy. Why did he hesitate? She watched Mairelon surreptitiously as she wiggled the wire. He didn’t look particularly impressive, but he was no flat, that was certain. He was no ordinary street magician, either, not with the inside of his wagon done up like a gentry ken. Not to mention that thing in the chest that had blown Kim halfway across the room.

Kim looked up. Mairelon was standing next to the chest, on the opposite side of the wagon. He had removed his cloak and hat; without them, he seemed both shorter and younger than he had appeared on stage. His expression held none of the anger and annoyance Kim expected; instead, there was a gleam of something very like interest or amusement. She began to hope she would come around from this, after all. Beside Mairelon stood the droopy man. He, too, had removed his hat, and his grey and black hair was plastered flat against his head.

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