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By Michael Newton

A instruction manual of the Scottish Gaelic global focuses upon Gaelic cultural survival from the twelfth to the 18th centuries.

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Elizabeth, however, was too canny to fall into that trap. Believing that if she played a careful waiting game the crown would eventually be hers, she wrote and told the queen that she had no intention of marrying the Swedish prince nor indeed any other. 31 The Swedish ambassador, however, did not return home and he consequently aroused some concern in Philip. 32 During Mary’s reign, Elizabeth several times declared her preference for the single life. While these statements may have been expressions of her true feelings, it is more likely that they were made for a political purpose, since it was wiser to rule out marriage in general terms than to reject and risk offending individual suitors.

Although the rival suitors and their ambassadors squabbled among themselves, most of the English courtiers and councillors showed little inclination to take sides. While they had their preferences, many were probably content to consolidate their own political positions before a royal consort was chosen. Others simply could not make up their minds between the different candidates; one of the latter was the earl of Sussex, who wrote to Cecil in 1560: 37 EARLY SUITORS I have heard the opinions of the most and greatest discursers of England touching the Quene’s Mariage.

43 The Spaniards, therefore, had to find a new Habsburg candidate quickly. Although Archduke Ferdinand was being mooted unofficially, neither Philip II nor Feria was keen on an Austrian match. 44 Philip, however, had grave reservations about this project too. He knew that he would have to reside in his other dominions, and that the English would object to his long absences abroad. He was also worried that the French would see the marriage as an act of provocation and consequently continue the wars against Spain.

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