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By Pauline Stafford

Drawing on 28 unique essays, A better half to the Early heart Ages takes an inclusive method of the historical past of england and eire from c.500 to c.1100 to beat man made differences of recent nationwide limitations.

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Literature, though this may shade into historical writing. 1100 Edited by Pauline Stafford © 2009 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-405-10628-3 24 pauline stafford Some material is difficult to classify in our categories. Computistical material, a substantial body of work concerned with the reckoning of time, is by our standards scientific or mathematical, but for contemporaries intimately bound up with the cycle of the Christian year, and may sometimes have provided a vehicle for annalistic writing.

15–19. Bhreathnach, “Medieval Irish history,” p. 261; Etchingham, “Early medieval Irish history,” p. 124; Johnston, “Early Irish history,” p. 342; Ó Corráin in MacNeill, Celtic Ireland (1981). Binchy, “Irish history and Irish law: II,” p. 32. , Binchy, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Kingship and “Irish history and Irish law: I and II”; Byrne, Irish Kings and High-kings. Ó Corráin, “Nationality and kingship”; see also, Etchingham, “Early medieval Irish history,” discussing the work of James Carney and others.

Even if compiled on a year-by-year basis, the selection of material for inclusion was a choice, albeit often constrained by traditions. Few sets of annals survive in their original form. Annals are an essentially openended form, which could be added to or incorporated into compilations. They were copied and recopied, continued and edited. It is sometimes possible to establish particularly important compilations or sets of annals which seem to have then become the basis for much later development.

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