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She could only feel and it was the blackest rage she’d ever known. No thought sparked her next action, just unadulterated fury. She slapped the other woman hard. The violence shocked her, but she didn’t even begin to feel like apologizing. Kassandra stumbled back, her expression stunned. “You won’t get away with it,” Eden said when she could get her mouth to form words. Kassandra’s eyes narrowed. “You’re wrong. ” Kassandra’s shrug said, so what if she had? “He should never have married you. ” “One day he’s going to remember.

As marriage proposals went, it lacked romance, but she was so relieved he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, she didn’t quibble. She loved him so much; regardless of the doubts that had plagued her over the last few months, he had to love her too. He’d been too instantaneous in the marriage decision and for a guy like him to stay with one girlfriend so long had to be significant. “All right. ” CHAPTER TWO EDEN MOVED restlessly in her hospital bed as she remembered her naïve assumptions.

I noticed. ” The doctor’s brows rose at her husband’s arrogance, but he nodded. “That might be best. This can’t be an easy situation for either of you. ” Eden scrambled to her feet, wiping her wet cheeks, embarrassed and still hurting so much she found it hard to breathe. “Don’t leave, Adam. There’s no need. ” She tried to pull her coat from Aristide’s grip, but he wouldn’t release his hold. ” “I told you. ” She’d had enough. He probably wanted the doctor to leave so he could berate her some more, but she wasn’t sticking around for it.

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